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How does the healer work?


Larisa – is a bioenergetics healer with an innate ability of healing. She is able to see disease at a distance, to find and eliminate its cause. Larisa treats even the most complicated illnesses and often rescues patients, refused by their doctors.

As a child, playing with dolls, Larisa used to tell others that as a grown up she would help people. At that time it sounded rather ridiculous. But she grew up and her knowledge came to her. But as she grew up the capacity to see disease came to Larisa and since then she has been healing people for over 20 years.

Larisa treats not as Reiki, or other healers. She has nothing to do with chakras, or bio level at different points. She doesn’t use black magic. She only uses her own energy and mind. Larisa has a unique inner vision which enables her to recognize the problem and the source of the disease by just looking at the person. Then she sends all the energy to the problem area, giving it information to decrease the illness and leave the body. Unfortunately, she cannot teach her knowledge or train. It is something you have to be born with.

The phenomenon of the healer has no scientific explanation; she treats using only her energy and thoughts.
Every day Larisa helps patients with various diseases: fibroids, tumors, kidney stones, infectious diseases (such as hepatitis B), cancer stage III and IV.
Larisa has experience in the treatment of kidney stones measuring up to 17 mm, for which were required 3-4 sessions and for the treatment of stomach cancer which required 10 sessions. Everything depends on the characteristics of the individual’s organism. Sometimes 15-20 minutes is enough to relieve headaches for good. In case of throat cancer stage IV, Larisa had to work 6 weeks to reduce the density and size of the tumor by three times. Hepatitis B of an 11-year-old boy was cured in 4 sessions.
Larisa had an experience in the treatment of blindness with a 75 year old patient who was brought to her by his son. Five years ago after the surgery on both his eyes, the patient became completely blind. On a prior consultation, Larisa had turned on a lamp before the old man’s eyes, and the blind man could see nothing. During the consultation, the patient felt heat in one eye and then in the second one.  Larisa asked him to rise.  As the man motioned his arm to get up, he swung his arm in front of him.  When he did this, he was able to see the silhouette of his moving arm.  Mesmerized by the sudden recovery of his vision, he immediately told his son. The old man, who had not seen the light for five years, saw his arm.
A woman, whom after an excruciating ten years of pain that forced her to walk around with a towel wrapped around her face, came to see Larisa and after the first session, the patient touched her face in disbelief.  The pain which had made her suffer for so long was instantaneously gone! Unfortunately, doctors had first removed her teeth, considering them the source of her pain and then underwent surgery in the nose, everything was useless.

One day a young woman came to Larisa. She had a surgery appointment for the following day. A doctor was going to remove the uterus and ovaries. No children. For the same reason her husband left her. Among other things, her menstrual period was irregular and lasted for 10-15 days. Doctors prescribed her pills in large quantities.  As a result, her fibroid has doubled in size and menstruation was absent for several months. The operation was urgent. The day before the surgery, she saw the information about the healer, and came to the reception. Larisa cured her fibroids and cysts, and normalized her menstrual cycle.

Distance is not an obstacle for Larisa. She successfully treats people from all over the world via Skype. Once she had a 17 year old female patient, diagnosed with a chronic pyelonephritis. The girl was appointed to a hospital. Larisa examined her and said that the problem is another: She saw a swollen tumor above her kidneys which was putting pressure on her kidneys, provoking the pain. Treatment reduced the tumor, thus relieving the suffering of the girl.  Nonetheless, at the hospital, she had been treated with antibiotics she did not need since her kidneys were perfectly healthy.

8 years ago, Larisa worked with a little girl diagnosed with “mastopathy”. On examination, the chest on the girl’s skinny body seemed to be swollen. Larisa once said that the girl formerly hit her head. Her mother looked up in disbelief and then clasping her hands, bowed the girl’s head and pushed the child's hair in the place with the already healed scar. Probably, when a nerve pinched in her head it gave the signal, and the girl's chest swelled. Larisa worked with the child for four hours until the swelling vanished. The next day the girl's mother phoned and said that the tumor was gone.

Larisa starts a "clinical record" for each patient. She works with pictures of patients, medical records, test results, etc. With bad analysis – is one job, with good - another.


What does the patient feel during treatment?

Feelings may be different. How many people - so many organisms that do not resemble each other, the same number and response to therapy. It depends on the disease and the body, which the energy is directed to.
During treatment you may feel heat, tingling, sometimes cold – or nothing at all. All agree on one thing: in the first 10-15 minutes the pain goes away and the person begins to experience pleasant sensations, open breathing or some kind of reaction in the stomach. For cancer patients there is a feeling as if someone touched their tumor inside the body, pressing it slightly. No pain is felt. Rather, there is a feeling that they had never experienced before. Sometimes it becomes so relieving that it seems like you can fly.
There are many examples of various diseases and their treatment. However, there has never been a single patient, who felt worse after the treatment.


Видео доклад Ларисы Максимаджи на 8-й Международной Медицинской конференции, Дубай (ОАЭ), 2017г.

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