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In her job Larisa uses only her energy and mind. What does she feel during the session? A constant flow of information. To determine where and what really hurts, what causes the illness and where it reflects in the body, Larisa needs to look at a person.


Currently, Larisa lives in Managua - capital of Nicaragua. She has official permission to engage in healing and all necessary documents.

Her medical center is called "Manos Milagrosas" (which means "Miraculous Hands"), to where the citizens of this beautiful country are willing to come for the treatment.
Today the main patients are Nicaraguans and other Latin-Americans. Among Larisa’s clients are famous local writers, politicians and their relatives.

Even though she has been far away from her country, Larisa does not forget the Russians. There are no obstacles and distances for her energy, thus anybody can be treated online via Skype. If you are not using Skype, you can download the program from the official website http://www.skype.com/

You can combine your vacation and healing, spending two weeks in Nicaragua, where it is always summer. If you finally decide to come - for an appointment, please contact the main administrator using the form provided in this site.



Видео доклад Ларисы Максимаджи на 8-й Международной Медицинской конференции, Дубай (ОАЭ), 2017г.

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